Adam Strong Guilty of First Degree Murder of Rori Hache


Oshawa – Adam Strong, 47, was convicted this afternoon of first-degree murder in the death of Rori Hache and the manslaughter of Kandis Fitzpatrick.

Hache, who was 18 and pregnant, dissapeared in August 2017. Fitzpatrick was last seen in 2008.

Hache’s torso was found in Lake Ontario in September 2017.

On December 29th 2017 plumbers were called to the residence where they discovered human remains in the clogged drain pipes. After leaving, the plumbers called police and Adam Strong, a renter in the basement appartment was arrested shortly after.

Fitzpatrick’s body has never been recovered, but in 2018 police alleged they had found her DNA in Strongs freezer and hunting knife found in the appartment’s kitchen.

DNA evidence was enough to convict Strong only in manslaughter of Fitzpatrick.

Social network hashtags in support for Rori and Kandis are #jusice4rori and #justice4kandis. May they both rest in peace.


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