Police Warning Public about Concerns When Hiring a Moving Company


Police would like to warn the public about concerns related to the hiring of companies to move you between properties.

Since September 2021, there were five incidents in the Ajax/Pickering area in which police were called to a dispute between members of the public and employees of moving companies. In each instance, the citizen reported entering into a contact with a predetermined and written quoted price to complete the move of their possessions between properties. After their possessions were loaded on the moving truck the employees demanding additional funds to complete the move. The demand came with the threat to unload the truck where it was. In one case the citizen refused to pay the additional amount and their possessions were unloaded onto the parking lot of a gas station.

Consumers must always be vigilant when entering into a contract (may it be verbal or written). Ensure you fully understand the meaning of the contract wording and determine the true cost before signing. Moving residences is stressful enough.

The Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services provide consumer protection tips and file complainants at https://www.ontario.ca/page/hiring-mover


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