Our Top Ten Health Tips for this Holiday Season!


Updated November 19, 2021

Enjoy these simple tips from our Fitness & Health Centre Consultants to help keep you on track:

  1. Warm-up and stretch before shoveling snow to avoid injury! – Craig Daynard
  2. Stay hydrated. Aim for an intake comparable to your bodyweight (kg) of water in fluid ounces. – Zain Yousaf
  3. Strive to complete at least 150 minutes of exercise per week.  Make it easier by breaking it down into 50 minute intervals for 3 days a week, 40 minutes for 4 days a week, or 30 minutes for five day a week. – Paul Poposki
  4. Stay motivated and be consistent with your exercise routine. Try a new winter activity such as skating, enjoy a walk outdoors and maintain a balance of healthy eating. – Wayne Kumano
  5.  Put down the cell phone! With everyone contacting you during the holidays and sending fun photos, try to make your workout the one time where you don’t have to consistently check your messages or notifications. – Ryan Vallance
  6. Enjoy yourself, but be mindful of your eating. You don’t want to lose all your progress within a couple days. Practice portion control with all of your unhealthy treats! – Jessica Pearce
  7. Forget your routine and just challenge yourself! You may not have time for a full routine or be able to come to the FHC as frequently as you may like during the holidays, and that’s okay. Exert yourself for 10, 20, or 30 minutes – whatever time is available to you. Remember that your body responds to the challenge of exercise, not the amount of time you spend doing it. – Peter Golebiowski
  8. Take a picture of the outfit you’d like to wear to the holiday party.  When you get a craving, look at the picture and ask yourself “Is it worth it?” Linda Calla
  9. Shorten your workouts during the busy holiday season but don’t skip them! Superset by quickly moving from an upper body exercise to a lower body exercise without taking a break in between. – Jessica Tessman
  10. Try a new balance exercise on the Bosu or Stability Ball. Winter and ice are just around the corner, making balance even more important than ever. – Dustin

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