CLOCA Notice: Notice of Level 1 Low Water Conditions to remain in effect until further notice


In light of the recent precipitation events in June and into July, the Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority is downgrading from a Level 2 to a Level 1 Low Water Conditions Statement for watersheds within the CLOCA jurisdiction.

CLOCA’s hydrologic monitoring program looks at streamflow and precipitation within the watershed over 30- and 90-day periods to determine low water status. Between April and June, our watershed received below 80% of the normal precipitation for this time of year. However, this is up from May, which saw under 60% of the normal precipitation resulting in a Level 2 Low Water Conditions Statement. Wet conditions and rainfall are expected to continue for the foreseeable future according to recent weather forecasts.

Low water conditions are especially important for surface water takers and shallow well users. For residents experiencing problems with their shallow wells, information is available through the Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) website.

Under the Ontario Low Water Response Program, residents and businesses are encouraged to conserve water by voluntarily reducing non-essential uses, both at home and at work, to help achieve a 10% reduction in overall water use.

To reduce water use by 10%, CLOCA offers the following water conservation tips:
• Adhere to regional/municipal watering restrictions that may apply.
• Reduce non-essential water use.
• Make use of water storage (e.g., use rain barrels to water gardens).
• Withdraw water more slowly over a longer period of time (e.g., reduce pumping rate and time of day).
• Schedule surface water withdrawals with neighboring water takers.

The Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority will continue to monitor rainfall and streamflow conditions to determine if further water restrictions will be necessary throughout the summer months. Updates will be provided as required. The Level 1 Low Water Conditions will remain in effect until further notice.

Stay up to date by viewing CLOCA’s website.

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