Durham Region Notice: Area residents invited to participate in emergency preparedness survey


The Region of Durham, in collaboration with the Social Research Centre at Ontario Tech University, are conducting a survey to gather information about residents’ understanding of nuclear emergency preparedness.

Where: Complete the survey online, until September 2021.

Why: The Region of Durham is committed to making sure residents are educated and informed in the event of an emergency. This includes co-ordinating regional emergency response, maintaining the nuclear public alerting system, and undertaking drills and exercises. This survey will help to find out how much residents know about general and nuclear emergency preparedness. The information gathered from the survey will assist with planning and program evaluation in the future.

This survey is open to all Durham Region residents 18-years and older. To help ensure the best quality data, Durham Emergency Management is seeking a diverse range and large number of participants from all Durham Region municipalities. Participants who complete the survey can enter to win emergency preparedness prizes, gift cards, or a Google Nest Mini.

Note: This study has been reviewed by Ontario Tech University’s Research Ethics Board [# 16354] and originally approved on May 1, 2021.

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