Have Your Say: Redevelopment of Kingside Park


With plans moving forward to redevelop Kingside Park at 537 Tennyson Avenue in Oshawa, community members are invited to learn more about the proposed redevelopment and provide feedback on the conceptual plans.

Kingside Park currently features sports field, tennis courts, a small playground, and parking lot. The City of Oshawa is seeking your feedback on two proposed conceptual plans for the redevelopment of Kingside Park:

  • Concept A proposes active recreational programming designed to provide opportunities for structured sports activities, and includes a 7 versus 7 player soccer field, pickleball courts, accessible playground, gathering space with shade pavilion, paved pathway connections with benches, and an expanded parking lot.
  • Concept B proposes passive recreational programming designed to provide opportunities for unstructured leisure activities, and includes more natural and passive greenspace, an accessible playground, gathering space with shade tables, a paved pathway loop with benches that connects by a bridge over the creek, and a parking lot of existing size.

Community members are invited to participate online on Connect Oshawa (www.connectoshawa.ca/KingsidePark) to view the conceptual plans and virtual presentation as well as complete an online feedback form.

Community members who prefer to complete the feedback form on paper are asked to call Service Oshawa at 905-436-3311 during regular business hours.

Feedback will be received until noon on Thursday, September 9, 2021, and will be considered in the selection of the preferred conceptual plan and playground equipment for the park.

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“With a new accessible playground and paved pathway system, the redevelopment of Kingside Park will see this valuable neighbourhood park updated and transformed in to a more inclusive community space for all,” said Oshawa Mayor Dan Carter. “We encourage everyone to provide their feedback on the two design options.”

“Kingside Park will be updated and improved. The question becomes: ‘What would you, the resident users, like to see in your local park?’” said Councillor Rick Kerr, Chair of the Community Services Committee. “The City values your input and will definitely utilize key aspects in the upcoming redevelopment.”

“Exciting changes are coming to Kingside Park! As we prepare to rejuvenate this much-loved neighbourhood space, please take a look at the concept options and tell us what you would like to see at Kingside Park,” said Councillor Derek Giberson, Vice-Chair of the Community Services Committee.

 “The redevelopment and modernization of Kingside Park is a key project in the southeast corner of our city,” said Brian Nicholson, Ward 5 Regional and City Councillor. “By incorporating uses for all ages, it will transform Kingside Park into the heart of the surrounding community for generations to come.”

“Your valuable input is requested to make certain that our park safety and amenity upgrades meet the needs of our residents,” said John Gray, Ward 5 City Councillor. “With your help, Kingside Park will continue to serve the neighbourhood for all ages and for many years to come.”

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