North Oshawa to welcome future multi-use community centre


Recreation opportunities for community members are expanding in Oshawa’s rapidly growing north end. Council members joined staff from Oshawa Senior Community Centres 55+ (OSCC55+) and Oshawa Public Libraries at the future site of the new multi-use community centre to celebrate the project.

Located at the northeast corner of Thornton Road North and the future Britannia Avenue West extension, the future facility will expand the City’s recreational offerings and provide north Oshawa residents with closer access to community resources such as the Oshawa Public Libraries and OSCC55+.

The need for an additional recreation facility was one of several recommendations from the Parks, Recreation, Library and Culture Facility Needs Assessment (P.R.L.C.). The P.R.L.C. was approved by Council in November 2015 to meet the needs of community members and user groups and guide facility development in Oshawa until 2031.

The future facility will include new branches of the OSCC55+ and Oshawa Public Library in addition to facility features that will be determined from upcoming community engagement and input from City Council.

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“I am so excited to see the collaboration with OSCC55+ and Oshawa Public Libraries on this future multi-use facility,” said Oshawa Mayor Dan Carter. “We look forward to receiving input from Oshawa residents of all ages, user groups and community stakeholders, including Indigenous communities on facility amenities including a dedicated space. These conversations will further enhance our extensive recreation, learning, and creative options offered by the City and its partners for years to come.

“Oshawa will experience unprecedented growth over the next 20 years. The upcoming multi-purpose recreation and culture centre will come online in the middle stages of development and right where the growth is now happening,” said Councillor Rick Kerr, Chair of the Community Services Committee.

“As an active community, this future facility, I believe, will be a great recreation destination for all ages and abilities to enjoy as the city continues to expand,” said Councillor Derek Giberson, Vice-Chair of the Community Services Committee.

“The Park, Recreation, Library and Culture Facility Needs Assessment offered vital insights into ensuring our community facilities continue to meet the needs of residents of all ages and user groups eager to enjoy what will be Oshawa’s newest, most modern recreation centre and a 30 acre community park. As Chair of Development Services and a long time champion of this dynamic new community building project, I am pleased to see this exciting and much anticipated future facility take shape for the residents and families of Oshawa, particularly those throughout the areas surrounding Ontario Tech and Durham College,” said Ward 2 Regional and City Councillor Tito-Dante Marimpietri.

“The new community centre is a long awaited addition to northwest Ward 2 for its current and future residents!   It will be a welcoming environment for all ages and their recreational activities,” said Jane Hurst, Ward 2 City Councillor.

“Public libraries are a community cornerstone and we are looking forward to having a new branch in the northwest neighbourhood,” said Frances Newman, Oshawa Public Libraries, Chief Executive Officer.

“The OSCC55+, our members and staff are thrilled to be included in the new multi-use community centre which will be the permanent home of our 5th branch. This new facility will allow us to expand programs and services and bring more seniors through our doors to enhance their health and well-being. Thank you to the City of Oshawa for their ongoing support and commitment to provide seniors a facility which will surely become their future ‘home away from home,” said Sandra Black, Executive Director, Oshawa Senior Community Centres 55+.

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