Notice of Electronic Statutory Public Meeting: Draft Plan of Subdivision – SP-2021-02; Zoning By-law Amendment – A 15/21


Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Planning & Development Committee is holding an Electronic Statutory Public Meeting, as authorized under section 238 of the Municipal Act, 2001, as amended. The electronic public meeting will provide interested parties the ability to learn more about the proposal, and provide any comments and feedback before any decisions are made on these applications. This Electronic Statutory Public Meeting will be held on:
Monday, February 7, 2022 at 7:00 pm
Residents can participate electronically by audio, or watch the meeting live streamed via the City of Pickering’s YouTube channel
Please note that this item is scheduled for 7:00 pm, however, this matter could be delayed due to Committee’s consideration of preceding agenda items.
Should you wish to address the City Development Department and the Planning & Development Committee during the electronic meeting, please register with the City Clerk by 12:00 noon on the business day prior to the meeting.
Please visit to register or email Please ensure that you provide the telephone number you wish to be called at so that you can be connected via audio when it is your turn to make a delegation.
The following is a brief description of the proposal:

File Types & Numbers
Draft Plan of Subdivision – SP-2021-02
Zoning By-law Amendment – A 15/21

OPB Realty Inc.

Property Location
Lands subject to the Zoning By-law Amendment includes:

  • City of Pickering lands on the south side of The Esplanade South between Glenanna Road and Valley Farm Road
  • A portion of the Pickering Town Centre (PTC) lands located on the west side of Glenanna Road south of Kingston Road

OPB Realty Inc. is proposing a phased redevelopment of the easterly portion of the PTC lands for a high-density mixed-use development with buildings ranging in height between 9 and 50 storeys. As part of this redevelopment, the City of Pickering and OPB Realty Inc., are proposing a new Central Library, a Performing Arts Centre, a Seniors & Youth Centre, and an enhanced public realm and open space system connecting all of the buildings and uses including City Hall.

The submitted Draft Plan of Subdivision for the PTC lands proposes 10 development blocks, 3 parkland blocks and a network of new internal public and private roads that will provide access to Glenanna Road. Refer to the submitted draft plan of subdivision attached to this notice.

The purpose of the Zoning By-law Amendment is to transfer the allowable Floor Space Index attributed to the proposed public roads within the PTC lands and on the City owned lands to the proposed development blocks on the PTC lands. In addition, the applicant is requesting site-specific amendments to reduce the minimum residential parking ratio, and adjust balcony requirements and amenity requirements for apartment buildings.

View the Public Notice PDF file and the Development Proposal web page for full details, including location map.

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