Open Call for Pickering Anti-Black Racism Subcommittee Members


Pickering, ON, August 12, 2021

The Pickering Anti-Black Racism Taskforce invites the community to join efforts to address anti-Black racism in Pickering.

Rooted in community consultation and the sharing of lived experiences, the Pickering Anti-Black Racism Taskforce (PABRT) was created to identify and address issues of anti-Black racism in Pickering. The PABRT is made up of local residents, appointed through Council resolution, who represent diverse Black communities. It works in partnership with the Pickering community, Durham-based organizations, businesses, stakeholders, and the City to identify barriers and areas of opportunity in order to enhance the shared experience and opportunities afforded to Black residents; to coordinate opportunities for stakeholder and community engagement; to provide expert input and action on matters relating to anti-Black racism initiatives within the community; and, to celebrate and promote the Black community and Black culture.

“We recognize that anti-Black racism has a unique history in North America with systemic consequences that continue to have disproportionate impacts on diverse Black communities today, including here in Pickering,” said Dave Ryan, Mayor, City of Pickering. “As a community-driven model, the PABRT will engage and collaborate with a broad array of community stakeholders in order to address anti-Black racism as well as other social justice concerns that affect our diverse residents and stakeholders.”

“Through the diligent work of our focused subcommittees, the PABRT strives to improve the lives of Pickering residents by actively identifying and reducing anti-Black racism in its many forms while increasing community awareness around discriminatory practices, behaviours and barriers facing our City’s Black residents,” adds Dr. Gena Chang-Campbell, Chair of the PABRT. “This integral work is done by, with and for our community in the spirit of meaningful and sustainable equity for all.”

Based on results from a 2020 Community Survey on Anti-Black Racism, the PABRT has identified the following subcommittees to further the work of addressing anti-Black Racism in Pickering.

  • Community and Civic Engagement
  • Education
  • Employment Opportunities and Financial Supports
  • Health and Wellness Services
  • Inclusive Governance and Leadership
  • Policing and the Justice System
  • Youth Development (for youth aged 12 – 26 years)

Residents and stakeholders of organizations serving Pickering are invited to submit expressions of interest and resumes to participate in these subcommittees. In addition to a dedicated youth-led subcommittee, the members of the PABRT have also designated at least one position per subcommittee for a youth representative.

Application information and further information on the mandates of the subcommittees can be found at Open Call for subcommittees will close on September 20, 2021.

Qualifications include the skills, knowledge, and lived experience needed to contribute collaboratively and effectively to subcommittee goals and objectives. Members will be selected on the basis of broad interest, understanding and commitment to the development of anti-Black racism initiatives in the municipality, in addition to specific expertise and interests related to Black business, culture, education, employment, health, heritage, and safety.

Those interested in one of the PABRT appointments can view subcommittee mandates online at PABRT membership can be contacted by email at


As the gateway to the east GTA, Pickering (population 94,000) is strategically located where Toronto, York and Durham Regions meet. An award-winning municipality, Pickering is slated for significant economic and residential growth; offering an unparalleled quality of life for those who live, work, and play here. Its dynamic City Centre has been designated by the Province of Ontario as both an Urban Growth Centre and Mobility Hub, and continues to evolve as a preferred destination for creative learning, memorable events, and unique experiences at the heart of a vibrant, connected, and engaged community.

Media Contact:

Odessa Grignon
Secretary l Pickering Anti-Black Racism Taskforce

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