Jobb Road Bridge Closure and Edgerton Road Bridge New Weight Restrictions


Posted On Thursday July 29, 2021

The Township of Scugog has had to close the bridge on Jobb Road, approximately 900 metres east of Regional Road 57, for safety reasons due to the deteriorated condition of the bridge.  Staff are working on a design for the replacement of the bridge and the construction of the new bridge is currently in the forecast for 2023.  This timing will be reviewed again during the preparation of the Township’s 2022 Capital Budget.  During the closure, through traffic is advised to take Highway 7A.

In addition, the bridge on Edgerton Road between McLaughlin Road and Cartwright East Quarter Line will have load restrictions based on the current condition of the bridge.  This bridge is 96 years old and will also need to be replaced in the near future.  Based on the structural evaluation, the weight restrictions for this bridge will be:

  • 8 tonnes for a single-unit vehicle;
  • 14 tonnes for a two-unit vehicle; and
  • 19 tonnes for a vehicle train

Heavier vehicles are advised to take an alternative route on Highway 7A.

The Township apologizes for any inconvenience that this may cause.  Despite the recent increases in funding for infrastructure projects, there is still a large gap between what needs to be done and the funding available.  Council and staff will continue to look for ways to increase available funding for bridge and road projects through savings in other areas, continued dedicated road levy and grant opportunities with other levels of government.

For more information contact:

Public Works and Infrastructure Services

905-985-7346 x 112

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