Township of Scugog Strategic Plan Update June 2021


Posted On Wednesday August 04, 2021

At the June 28, 2021 Council meeting, staff presented a report with an update on the status of projects and initiatives identified in the Township of Scugog Strategic Plan. These projects and initiatives were identified through the public Speak Up Scugog Survey and the Council Strategic Planning Sessions held early in the Council term. This report provides an annual update to the plan developed for this term of Council.

Mayor Drew stated, “The strategic plan document is an important guide for Council and staff which was developed through consultation with the public, staff and Council. Council is very pleased with the progress made in light of the additional challenges related to the pandemic. It is a testament of the commitment from Council and staff to implementing the goals of the Strategic Plan”.

The staff report highlights that although delays and deferrals related to COVID-19 continue, solid progress has been made in many areas of the Strategic Plan. In total, 93% of the major projects /initiatives have been completed, are ongoing or are underway. With Council’s strong commitment to addressing the roads and infrastructure needs, the Township is positioned to address over 80 percent of the identified major projects / initiatives by 2022 in this area. The success and advancement of the strategic plan is a direct result of the commitment and endorsement from Council as well as hard work and dedication of all Township staff.

Ken Nix, Chief Administrative Office shared, “The strategic plan document and process including regular updates and reviews are important as they advise if the Strategic Plan goals and objectives are being advanced. This plan provides staff guidance on priorities and provides the objectives to establish departmental workplans.”

The report along with the Township of Scugog Strategic Plan document is available at


Lisa Fitton, Executive Assistant to the Mayor & CAO

Township of Scugog

181 Perry St., PO Box 780

Port Perry, ON  L9L 1A7    / 905-985-7346 ext. 116

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